3D Design

We design custom models to your specifications, from industrial production lines to jewelry.





"Working with Eain at Toymaker Industries has transformed several seemingly impossible projects into reality in the most stress-free way imaginable. Eain took the time to fully understand what it was that we needed to achieve and presented us with multiple creative solutions. The chosen solution was then manufactured and fully tested all within the time constraints of our project. All the while, Eain provide us with complete transparency on his methodology and provided useful and constructive advice on all aspects of the project. When it comes to mechanical and rapid prototyping solutions Eain is now a go to name on our 'IMF roster'!"
- Dr. Jim Wyatt | Creative Director | Wow! Stuff USA LLC

"I love the cameo, it's exactly what I wanted! A perfect detailed replica, but small enough to wear on a necklace! Definitely calling Eain again in the future."
- Laurel

"When I needed a very detailed armature, with teeth that would remain visible, for our mascot costume's head, I turned to Eain to design and print it. I could not have been more thrilled with the results. "The piece had all kinds of special needs. It had to fit over my head, for instance, and have some room for padding, but it could not have a sloppy fit. I needed to be able to see out of it for safety. It needed an attachment point for a harness to secure it in the back as it was it was front-heavy. I had to be able to apply certain types of materials to it in order to build out the muscles and skin... And it was just plain BIG. "Eain worked with us remotely to get all the fitting info. The sessions were always productive and thoughtful, and any concerns we raised were thoroughly addressed. It ultimately arrived on our doorstep ahead of deadline and perfect. We would work with him again in a heartbeat."
- Tank Conner, Gishwhes Mascot Costumer, Team Swashbunnies, 2015